Tuesday, February 20, 2007

You CAN Build a Wall!

The intrepid teaching duo, Liz Glynn & Saul Alvarez, are currently in Week 3 of the Wall Building Workshop in the Super Shop of CalArts. The walls will be part of the EA&ER exhibition. The workshop was intitally inspired by Judy Chicago's 1970 wall building workshop at the Feminist Art Program at Fresno State College (now California State University, Fresno). It's all about artist empowerment, folks. Check out the workshop syllabus:

You CAN Build a Wall!
Basic Construction, Wall-Building, and everything

Week 1: Intro

- Safety Review
- Tools of the trade
- Materials & Standard sizes (drywall, wood, metal, screws, nails, etc.)
- Practice: the drill, the miter saw
- ? Building Code ?

Week 2: Framing I (wood)

- Basic Design Principles (16” spacing, where to join the walls, etc.)
- Wood vs. Metal Studs
- A review the EAER design
- Pre-drilling, leverage, and how to drive a screw without stripping it
- Measuring and cutting down to size
- Framing Practice – Wood

Week 3: Framing II (metal)

- Cutting metal studs
- Attaching metal studs
- Finish framing

Week 4: Drywall

- Drywall material review
- Placing the drywall
- How to cut drywall using a drywall T-square
- Attaching the drywall panels
- Taping a wallboard joint

Week 5: Finishing

- A discussion of the final assembly
- Sanding Safety
- Sanding
- Painting for even coverage

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